The Association of Insurance Brokers (AIB) is an association of most of the major insurance brokers in Malta. It represents the interests of the insurance brokerage industry generally and is committed to ensuring a high level of professionalism and efficiency within the industry.

The Association has several key functions, the most important being the ongoing support of the insurance brokerage industry in Malta to ensure that those who operate within act in a prudent, professional and competent manner. This is achieved by the Association's commitment to education, communication and innovation.

The members of the Association meet once a month at council meetings. These meetings provide members with the opportunity to discuss issues affecting the industry, and to formulate targeted responses. The meetings also allow members to present new ideas as to the growth of the industry, and to create an integrated approach to marketing the island as a leading insurance services market.

The Association actively negotiates with the Maltese government and its authorities in relation to the creation of new legislation, and the monitoring and enhancement of existing laws. This is done with a view to create a framework that protects the interests of insurance brokers in Malta and the wider community that are affected by their actions.

The Association is also active in the field of education, by providing resources and training to those in the broking industry and to the greater insurance community. Recently the AIB has collaborated with the University of Malta to initiate a course in Insurance as part of the Bachelor of Commerce programme, demonstrating its commitment to the future of the insurance industry in Malta. Most of the members and the Secretary General of the association will be lecturing in this programme and the Association is committed to sponsor the programme by contributing pertinent text books and other resources to the University library.

The Association interacts actively on behalf of its members with other insurance bodies in Malta, such as the Malta Insurance Association and the Malta Insurance Managers Association. It is also involved with a variety of organisations on an international level. It is a member of BIPAR which represents the associations of most European insurance brokers, and also of FMBA (Federation of Mediterranean Brokers Associations) which represents most of the insurance broker associations in the Mediterranean.