27th July 2021

The Association of Insurance Brokers is pleased to announce that at its annual general meeting held on the 21st July 2021 the following persons were elected as the new members of its executive council:

Mr. Ramon Mizzi – Chairman
Mr. John Tortell – Incoming Vice Chairman
Ms. Fiona Borg – Outgoing Vice Chairperson
Mr. Mark Spiteri – Treasurer
Ms. Michelle Lundquist - Honorary Secretary
Ms. Angie Lia Abdilla – Council Member
Ms. Judith Galea – Council Member

Dr. Elaine Magri was re-appointed as Secretary General of the Association.

The Association was established in 1988 by its founder members to represent and safeguard the interests of the local insurance broker community and to promote the general efficiency and proper professional conduct of all local insurance brokers. The Association is also active in the promotion of insurance seminars, conferences and workshops for its members and other insurance intermediaries. Its members include most of the leading insurance brokers, namely:

Accord Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd, AIB Insurance Brokers Limited, Assikura Insurance Brokers Limited, Buttigieg Insurance Brokers Limited, Central Insurance Brokers Limited, Elmo Insurance Brokers Ltd, FirstUnited Insurance Brokers Ltd, Galea Insurance Brokers Ltd, Global Insurance Brokers Ltd, Island Insurance Brokers Ltd, Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd, Lockton European Brokers Ltd, Melita Unipol Insurance Brokers Ltd, Mediterranean Insurance Brokers Ltd, Mulberry Insurance Brokers Ltd, National Insurance Brokers Ltd, Osprey Insurance Brokers Co Ltd, Peak Insurance Brokers Ltd, VING Insurance Brokers Ltd.

The Association has in recent years spearheaded discussions with the MFSA on the recent regulatory changes following the EU Insurance Distribution Directive and as representatives of the main insurance distributors, we seek to ensure a level playing field in the Insurance market.

The Association believes that it is the responsibility of all financial sector participants to ensure that Malta is promoted with credibility. Our members are eager to contribute with their own actions to change the perception in relation to Malta which unfortunately has grown negatively over the past years in other jurisdictions.